Amr Ramadan Elnahla Photo

Amr Ramadan Elnahla

CEO, Vimov

Amr Ramadan Elnahla is an Egyptian entrepreneur, and is the co-founder and CEO of vimov, a tech company focused on bringing new product experiences to mobile devices. Amr started vimov in 2008, and took it from a $1,000 investment into a worldwide success story with mobile products in use in more than 150 countries, by over 10 million users. With his experience in design, engineering and products, he led teams into creating mobile products that were the #1 Top Selling apps in the iOS App Store. Amr, to the core, is a product person that loves disrupting markets, designing innovative software, leading high-performance teams, and taking products to market and profit. He graduated from Alexandria University with a degree in Computer Science.