Basim AlSaie Photo

Basim AlSaie

Managing Director, Installux Gulf

“Basim AlSaie is an Entrepreneur who has led a few start-ups with experiences spanning over twenty-eight years. He has a strong strategic thinking quality, with an ability to create alternative paths, and is capable of spotting relevant patterns and issues in various scenarios. He established a Joint Venture with a French group since 1997 in the architectural aluminium products sector, covering the Middle East markets. He helped launch and lead a Plastic Industry Rotational Moulding operation that has become the leader in the local market since 2003. He is highly experienced in the field of aluminium extrusion in the Gulf region. He has developed an expertise in the field of construction and project management from a building materials supply side, and has contributed from this angle to major cities around the Gulf region which has lead to the realization of landmark projects involving leading architects, consultants, and developers. 

He has built extensive contacts and industry wide networks, and has worked on a multitude of projects extending to the Gulf and the Middle East region. His specializations include sales, marketing, including their management thereof. He is also specialized in developing and building a customer base, as well as technical support & back-up. 

Basim has lead numerous leadership positions on various executive boards. He is passionate contributor to non-profit organizations and strongly believes in the value of helping and giving back to local communities. He is both a member and an active leader in the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), where he has held local, regional, and global roles since 2006. Basim believes joining EO was one of the best business decisions he has made, which has seen him grow and develop his skills to the next level, as well as allowing him be passionate for knowledge building, and improving, at both a personal and professional level.

Basim is a big picture thinker who is able to analyze core issues, and navigate through cloudy situations and scenarios. He counts being an includer and accepting others as one of his most important strengths. He is confident and possess a clear sense of direction, and as a result has strong decision making abilities. His analytical mode of thinking has allowed him to be capable of analyzing various situations and complex issues. 

Basim AlSaie is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of GARMCO and a Member of the Executive Board in the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He is also a Member of the Strategy Summit Sub-Committee for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Basim holds multiple Board Member positions in Kalaam Telecom, Gulf Customer Experience, Polycon Bahrain and the French Chamber of Commerce & Industry Bahrain (FCCIB). He is also the Chairman of RENTECH Middle East, and holds the position of Managing Director for Installux Gulf and Polycon Bahrain.