Hisham Jiffry Photo

Hisham Jiffry

Senior Lecturer, Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance (BIBF)

Analyst. Auditor. Accountant. Advisor. Hisham is an intrepid introvert who has navigated the rocky roads of business and finance for almost 2 decades. Counting on experience from the Big4, equity market research, financial advisory and professional training services, Hisham calls upon a unique toolbox of tips, tools & techniques to guide curious minds and energetic souls towards high performance goals. Having been a professional trainer, mentor and coach for 17 years and an award winning public speaker, Hisham excels in uncovering, polishing, honing and aiming the secret sauce that is your unique product/service at your unique stakeholder audience through creating powerful presentations and cohesive communication. A Chartered Management Accountant and a CPA by education, an auditor and analyst by training Hisham is a speaker, storyteller and presentation skills coach by passion.