Hisham Khalifa Photo

Hisham Khalifa

CTO, Tabeo

Hisham Khalifa is CTO at Tabeo, a UK fintech providing innovative payment and sales solutions for merchants and consumers. Prior to Tabeo, Hisham was Co-Founder and CTO of Pikslme, a UK company that provided tools to mine the web and to identify and unravel the complex relationships between marketing technology vendors and their customers. Previously, Hisham coded several macOS productivity apps under the monicker of Binary Bakery Software. His apps have had a wide array of users, from NASA engineers to Hollywood composers. Prior to his career in technology, Hisham handled risk at several investment banks and has designed several risk management tools, including a backpropagation neural network for credit risk. His technical skillset spans over 20 years of software development in assembly, C, Java, Python, Golang and other languages. He has deployed products utilizing highly reselient microservice architectures using both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform and technologies such as Kubernetes and Kafka. Hisham graduated from City, University of London and Birkbeck, University of London.