Matthieu Jacquier Photo

Matthieu Jacquier

Analyst, Blacksmith

After realizing I was never going to become a pro skier and travel the world skiing powder everyday (not even close) I wondered about what my 2nd in the list dream job would be. So I joined Blacksmith as a VC analyst. Before that I was part of the Foodora (Rocket Internet) launching team in France and also worked as an auditor at KPMG. My mission is to find high potential entrepreneurs, meet them, challenge them on their project, fund them and then bring them support (business, strategy) on their journey to success. Occasionally, I also help institutional investors such as Corporate Ventures in their due-diligence process. I’m french with an international background (lived in Hong Kong and Norway). I hold a Master in Finance from a top french business school. TL;DR : VC Analyst, international background, can help on business, strategy, investor mindset.