Srusti Ranjan Photo

Srusti Ranjan

Co-Founder, 4SPOTS

As one of the co-founders of 4SPOTS, Srusti adds over 22 years of experience in IT and online media enriching the 4SPOTS team. He has worked with many large accounts spanning over Asia and Europe. Srusti brings a unique combination of business practices; technical knowhow and an online media strategy to the table which has helped 4SPOTS grow exponentially over the years and is often called in as a key consultant for many large portal projects. Under his leadership, 4SPOTS has equipped itself with the latest in web technology, creative thinking and years of industrial experience in the digital realm. Srusti and his team provides businesses with the online advantage they need to stand out in the market. 4SPOTS’ modus operandi over the years has been the same , namely, “Being creative & innovative once in a while is easy, but we have made it a habit” and staying true to their word has only helped 4SPOTS in winning numerous awards in the past. Srusti is often called upon as a mentor for many young entrepreneurs in the Kingdom. He spends his free time consulting and promoting new and upcoming companies set up. A royal by blood and true to his roots, he takes great pride in seeing the youth grow and flourish. He has taken it upon himself to work to ensure the Kingdom of Bahrain becomes a leader in the eyes of the world and knows that it is only the youth of Bahrain who has the key.